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AHV (Animal Health Vision) is the industry leader in quorum sensing powered animal health solutions and value-added advisory services to overcome significant obstacles in the animal health sector. Our mission is to empower farmers through innovation in animal health. With our solutions, service, and advice tailored to their needs, we give them control over their animal health and business results. By working together we can establish a quorum sensing powered dairy and food supply chain. Based on the science of quorum sensing, we develop innovative and sustainable solutions which focus on disrupting the biochemical communication between selected bacteria (quorum sensing). By inactivating their quorum sensing, the immune system of your animals is supported in a natural and effective way.

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Qleans stands for making a substantial contribution to the environment, by replacing chemical cleaning products with environmental friendly products based on plant-based alternatives

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D3 offers crisis shelter for young people between the ages of 6 and 18 (and extended youth care services 18-23), where there is a developmental disorder and / or behavioural problems. Due to circumstances, they (temporarily) can no longer live at home and there is no shelter within their own social network.

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Moving Intelligence
Moving Intelligence is the Dutch leader in aftermarket vehicle security, fleet management and telematics solutions. Founded in 1999, Moving Intelligence offers the most advanced services in the fields of vehicle security, trip registration, fleet management, workforce monitoring and asset tracking.

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Medical One
Medical One
We established Medical One Solution to provide to doctors the flexibility that medical equipment rental solutions allow.

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